Building Enterprise Leaders

Back End Engineer at GuideSpark
Redwood City, CA, US

Engaging, starry-eyed HR Communications company in Redwood City seeks Back-End Developer for serious long-term relationship. Us: Fun-loving, small, and diverse team with a real customer challenge to solve. You: Passionate, geeky, curious, and enjoys like-minded companionship.


Want to make music together?


So Who Are We?


We’re GuideSpark!


We’re a small, diverse engineering team seeking to change the Human Resources industry. Have you ever had a bad experience with your HR group? Been unable to find information in a dreary portal? Confused about the benefits your company offers? You’re not alone. Most HR communications haven’t kept up with the life-changing technology innovations that have occurred in recent years. With our dedicated team of technologists, creatives, and strategists we’ve set out to modernize employer-to-employee communications. We believe life at work can be better than it is, and we’re on a multi-year mission to improve everyone’s relationship with their employer.


Last August we launched the first version of our new SaaS offering, GuideSpark Communicate Cloud. That offering is rapidly growing in adoption. In a very short time we have built a tremendous roster of A-List clients from Fortune 1000 companies (e.g., Adobe) to fast growing startups (e.g., SurveyMonkey). Our fast-paced, entrepreneurial culture is driving triple digit growth and we’re looking for great people to join our team!


As if a successful product wasn’t enough, we’re fun people, too. We work and play together, everyone is welcome to bring their personality to work to add color and texture to the growing symphony!


Check us out here:


And Who Are You?


You’re that special someone who enjoys working with others in a diverse mix of skills and creativity. You believe work is about more than just punching a clock. You think solving hard problems in order to help real-world customers is fun. You value good communications. You enjoy solving the thorny issues of end-user experience. You are capable of making a positive impact, and you love proving it.


* Working on Multiple Microservices – Oh, but you can dance!

* Product Management, UX and Design – Those people are the best

* Coding Standards, Best Practices – You’ve written plenty

* Prototyping – Who doesn’t?

* Architecture – You have a conductor’s baton


Let’s Make Some Music!


Can you hear the growing chorus? The Sun is rising and we stand ready to meet you with hand outstretched. Come use your well-honed skills to help us create, build, and grow our successful initial offering!


* OOP – Expert knowledge

* JavaScript – You’ve got informed opinions

* Ruby on Rails – Tell us about your projects

* Testing – Can’t breathe without it

* SCRUM – You’re agile like a ballerina


More Details? Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

* 1-3 years of experience 

* Strong OOP and software design knowledge

* Hands-on experience designing and developing REST APIs

* Experience with languages such as Ruby, Java, C/C++, Python and shell scripts

* Experience debugging performance issues in large scale production environments

* Experience working with data infrastructure


GuideSpark is an E-Verify and Equal Opportunity Employer

* Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, a related field, or equivalent education