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Senior Scala Engineer at AtScale
San Mateo, CA, US
We think Scala is a beautiful language, wonderful for expressing elegant, maintainable solutions to relationship-driven mathematical problems. AtScale is looking for a startup-friendly Scala engineer to work on Very Complex Problems™ in a distributed systems environment tended by several folks.
As a Scala Engineer at AtScale, you’ll be responsible for designing, building and maintaining AtScale business intelligence engine systems and features.
We strive to make our interview process effective. We can probably get a bunch out of the way if you have some public Github code, or contributions to open source data oriented software projects we can look at. Our goal is to run the interview cycle and come to a conclusion within a week.

Desired Skills & Experience

Experience delivering production quality software
Experience with business intelligence concepts such as MDX, measures, dimensions and hierarchies
Advanced knowledge of functional programming, Scala, and JVM-based technologies
Experience with Hadoop, and Hadoop-ish stuff like Spark.
Experience with relational database internals, including both query planning & processing
Ability to optimize for either design or performance, depending on business needs