Building Enterprise Leaders

Senior Technical Writer at AtScale
San Mateo, CA, US
We want a jolt of energy on our documentation team: someone who sees documentation as part of a user's overall experience with a product, who is less of an author and more of a documentation designer, and who applies design-thinking concepts when determining how to engage the reader of a new or revised piece of documentation.
We want you if...

You understand the value in planning documentation by doing research to develop a persona of your reader, detailing a representative scenario of why your reader has turned to your documentation, listing the reader's objectives in reading your documentation, and listing your objectives in writing the documentation.
You are curious about other people and how and why they do what they do: not just users, but also the people you collaborate with on projects. You know that the documentation that you write can help your coworkers succeed at their jobs when it is crafted as part of the end-to-end user experience, so you listen to their points of view and develop an understanding of and practical empathy for their roles in that experience.
Just as visual designers use a set of design principles to follow when sketching ideas, you see the benefit of using a set of design principles to follow when outlining your documentation.
You chafe at being referred to as a "wordsmith" or a "person who is good with words". While you do have an excellent knowledge of grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and all of the traditional elements of what non-writers think of as "good writing", you know that those elements alone get technical writers nowhere if they are not combined with skill at pulling together complex information about readers and the technology you want to help them learn to use.
What you will be doing

Engaging developers with REST API documentation that demonstrates that you understand how they think and what they need to be successful in their projects
Crafting knowledge-base articles that show users how to use AtScale to amplify their skills in dimensional data modeling and that make users eager to practice the techniques that you'll be writing about
Engaging our users with focused tutorials and videos that respect their time by getting directly to the point, lasting no longer than necessary, and leaving them able to transfer what they've learned to their own projects
Continually adding to and refining online reference documentation that you architect to be navigable and searchable quickly and easily
Working with other teams (sales, training, marketing, development) to plan documentation strategy and to ensure that the docs fit well into the overall user experience with AtScale
What technical stuff you need experience with

At least the basics of how to build OLAP cubes through dimensional data modeling
The basics of how to use Tableau, Excel, or other business-intelligence software for data visualization and exploration
Documenting REST APIs
Writing in DITA with oXygen XML Editor (although you won't be writing exclusively in this format)
Working with repositories in GitHub
Creating videos with Camtasia