Building Enterprise Leaders

UI Engineer at SalesLoft
Atlanta, GA, US

You are smart and savvy, but you're also trying to get to the next level of your career. We can help you.

As a UI Engineer, you live on the cutting edge of our products, directly impacting the user experience of every one of our customers.  The work is challenging, fast paced, and always changing. You have strong analytical skills, an unwavering commitment to quality, a collaborative work ethic, and cutting edge coding skills. You should live and breathe the fundamentals of JavaScript (not just jQuery), CSS, and HTML, and command an impressive portfolio of web technologies new and old — all in order to launch innovative features to a global audience.


  • Work closely with UX designers, project managers and software engineers to implement versatile front-end solutions to tricky web development problems.
  • Embrace emerging standards while promoting best practices in order to push the limits of what a browser can do.
  • Manage your own time, and work well both independently and as part of a team.
  • Launch, iterate and make a difference. Provide front-end coding expertise, and be ready to make our products better for our users.

Next, you probably have a history of doing the following:

  • Regularly shipping quality code into the wild. (finish work matters)
  • Maintaining high quality code through constructive peer review. (no know-it-all's allowed)
  • Prioritizing customer experience above all else. (they are why we're here)
  • Pushing to constantly improve your craft. (always be learning)
  • Collectively taking ownership & pride in the product. (no silos)

Also, our stack looks like this:

  • We develop mostly in Ruby and JavaScript, but care more about software engineering concepts than specific language wars.
  • We do continuous deployment to production, which means..
  • We write good tests. Not tests for the sake of tests, but tests that help us think out code design and protect ourselves from regression and ultimately move faster.
  • We run everything on AWS OpsWorks. If you haven't used it, its great. Think Heroku had a baby with EC2.
  • We have a service-oriented design. We have 2 main products, but ~7 other service apps to support them and an internal API to connect them. It allows us to keep codebases smaller, optimize more specifically, and explore new technologies with isolation.
  • We are mostly a Postgres shop, though one of our services uses Elasticsearch. Right tool for the job.

Finally, why work here instead of somewhere else? Good question:

  • Voted #1 Top Midsize Workplace in Atlanta by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • You will become part of an amazing culture with a supportive CEO and smart teammates who actually care.
  • You will join North America's 7th fastest growing company according to the Deloitte Fast 500.
  • We are cash-flow positive and enjoy being lean and mean.
  • We like to automate everything, except you of course.
  • You will work with other amazing developers you can learn from and teach.
  • We have challenging projects using modern technology.
  • You will grow more than you would anywhere else.