Building Enterprise Leaders

Senior Data Scientist at Talkdesk
Lisbon, PT

We are looking for a savvy Senior Data Scientist to join our growing team of Data experts. The hire will be instrumental in helping the business continue its evolution into an analytical and data-driven culture and also in supporting relevant stakeholders and teams through quantitative analytics, and the application of appropriate advanced analytics for the business’ key initiatives.

The Senior Data Scientist will partner with Business Analysts, Data Engineerings, and fellow Software Engineers to translate business requirements into quick prototypes. He/she will also guarantee the development of big data capabilities, frameworks, and governance processes in the business at large enabling more effective data executions/analytics campaigns and the achievement of overall business targets/objectives. Within the team, he/she will develop new and improved analytics systems, all the way from prototyping to production.



  •   Formulate business problems into optimization ones
  • Work on large datasets, gather insights and develop machine learning models:
    • Prepare and clean data
    • Develop, train and evaluate ML models
    • Understand the “theory” – math and statistics behind the models – and also be able to interpret and explain model behavior in jargon-free language


  • Ph.D. in Statistics, Math, Operations Research, or Computer Science
  • Statistical knowledge and proficiency with a statistical analysis tool: R or SAS
  • Experience with distributed databases and query languages like Hive or Pig; SQL, NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra)
  • Programming experience with a scripting language such as Python, Perl, C/C++ or Ruby
  • Big Data Processing: Hadoop, Spark, Flink
  • Knowledgeable in machine learning algorithms and experienced in building production pipelines
  • Strong storytelling and data visualization skills.

Must be proficient at:

  • Finding rich data sources
  • Working with large volumes of data despite hardware, software, and bandwidth constraints
  • Cleaning the data and making sure that data is consistent
  • Melding multiple datasets together
  • Visualizing data
  • Building rich tooling that enables others to work with data effectively
  • Implementing data science workflows in production

Nice to have:

  • Comfortable working with the Agile methodology
  • Experience with Looker (or similar BI tool).